How depression and mental stress are killers?

On June 5, 2018, the news of Kate Spade’s suicide caused a stir, she was found dead in her own home. She was a famous American fashion designer and a very successful businesswoman. He was 55 at the time of his death. She was the founder and owner of the designer brand Kate Speed ​​New York. His brand was very famous for handbags. Three days after the same news, on June 8, 2018, another celebrity reported suicide. It was the suicide of a famous American chef, writer, and TV personality Anthony Bourdain, known as Tony. In his programs, he highlighted international culture, cuisine, and livelihoods in various civilizations. He was one of the most influential chefs in the world. Anthony Bourdain was well known for writing travel documents. At the age of 61, his life ended in suicide. Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in a French hotel, where he was on his way to shooting a cooking show.  And the cause of their death was depression and mental stress. Symptoms of mental stress and depression may look alike but the main difference is that depression is more severe and lasting.

If we compare, one thing that the two have in common is to succeed in their own fields.

Apparently, they both had a comfortable life, a good career, and a good social status; yet there was something that was hidden, insider inside, and nobody knew.
The cause of their death was reported to be stressful, but both their family and friends were completely unaware of it and unaware of their mental strain. Most importantly, both were more than fifty years of age, called matured, where emotions are more consciously worked out.

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