Without mental health, it is not possible to have a fully healthy life. The brain is a “control room” in the human body. If the control room, which is not functioning of the brain, then the entire system of human life is disrupted. The brain is the part of the human body that controls the entire physiological system and that is why mental and psychological illnesses often appear in the form of physical disorders. What are the mental illnesses? Why are they? How is it possible to save them? In fact, no one is completely safe from mental illness, with an estimated one out of every four people in the world suffering from some form of mental illness.

With regard to World Mental Health Day today, all the concerned are invited to think about the situation in our country today. The first thing is, are the mental disorders really increasing. The second question is whether the treatment facilities are being provided on time and appropriate. The third question is, do people have enough information to cure it and the biggest question is if mental disorders are on the rise? Mental disorders are more complex than heart diseases and more dangerous than cancer. They occur everywhere and in people of all ages. Everywhere in the world one in four people suffer from it, whether poor or rich, young or old. People of every society and race are under the influence.

These diseases are followed by the misfortune of some families for generations. Some people get hurt when they are on the brink of success and some do not allow it to reach the brink of success. Never let them live happy lives. They capture even the smallest of pleasures such as watching a movie or gardening, loving children. It snatches away humans from its human organs and the person suffering from it sometimes prefers to die in order to survive. The rates of these diseases are different in different countries because the environment affects them. Today, we see that every person in our homeland of Pakistan, old or young, whether it is prosperous or destiny has removed it from time to time.

Feeling uncomfortable is a victim of uncertainty and feels insecure. It is the fact that where there is an atmosphere of uncertainty and anxiety, sadness is born and this feeling of sadness and insecurity takes away the human being from the struggle for the future. Why is this all? And who is responsible for that? The answer you get is the same and that due to the unstable atmosphere and law and order situation in the country, the sense of insecurity among the citizens is increasing and the mental and psychological disorders are on the rise. It should be noted that economic hardship cannot be attributed to sadness and uncertainty.

This situation has always been the case when Pakistan came into existence, the economic difficulties were even greater but there was no sadness and uncertainty. There were millions of people looking for protection, looking for a place to hide. Every citizen of this country has a passion in his heart that his country should be called progressive rather than backward. Each of our citizens has the capability to raise the flag of this country. But when people see the irresponsibility of responsible people as normal, the whispers in every heart and mind are born. Their conviction and trust are shattered, without which it is impossible to move forward.

Speaking to psychologists and psychiatrists, they say that the political background of a country adversely affects people’s minds and creates an atmosphere of frustration, but that is not possible. While the present century has provided many new inventions, facilities, and facilities to mankind, there are many stages in the field of medicine, from diagnosis to treatment. Today, it is possible to cure diseases that are very life-threatening and outbreak. Likewise, there has been significant progress in the field of treatment in the mental health sector, but the sad part is that people in our country are very concerned about mental illness. And psychological and mental illnesses are called insanity because of their lack of knowledge and ignorance.

If one goes to a psychiatrist, it is not seen well in society, although most mental illnesses are curable. Depression is a top priority in mental illnesses. In this, the frustration within the human being increases and the happiness of life disappears. There is no hunger, no sleep, no work at all, no interest in the routine of life. The force is intentional and the force is decimated. Man’s creativity begins to impress.

Depression and dehydration will continue to increase until we are satisfied. First of all, if a person turns to God regularly and prays regularly, reciting the Holy Quran, you will surely feel that there are peace and tranquility in nature. Depression should be treated in a timely manner, and humans may be forced to commit suicide due to extreme depression. Depression is a treatable disease like other diseases, and it is possible for such patients to live an active and successful life.