Social Media: What Are The Positive and Negative Effects Of It?

One-third of adults in the United States think social media is harmful to their mental health. This conclusion came from a review by the American Psychiatric Association. In this survey, only five percent rated social media as positive for mental health. Often the effects are both positive and negative. Two-thirds of those surveyed believed that the use of social media creates social isolation and isolation. Investigations have provided clear evidence that social media and depression are linked. Other investigations have linked it to maltreatment, lack of self-esteem and social anxiety.

On the basis of studying the dangers of online interaction and seeing the good and the bad, there are six ways to minimize the potentially harmful effects of social media on mental health. When and where social media usage is intertwined with individuals’ communication. You can connect better with other people if you turn off daily social media notifications during a certain time or place the phone in airplane mode. Make a pledge that you will not check social media while dining out with family and friends.

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