How to Deal with Bullies? 8 Useful Tips!!!

At many stages of life, everyone must have encountered bullies. You will find these 8 tips very useful in dealing with bullies

What is Bullying?

First, let us understand the true meaning of the word bully as there is no simple definition to it. Bullying can take place in any form, it could be verbal abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse. No form of bullying is better than others, all bullying is bad and can damage one’s confidence from deep within.

Why is being Bullied so Horrific?

Bullying can affect not only the body and mind but the soul of a person. Most of the victims of bullying blame themselves as they feel they are the ones contributing to it as they are not good enough for the world. Such people are often embarrassed about what is happening to them, so much that they refrain from reaching out to others for help. Such people can develop mental imbalance or resort to extreme steps like hurting themselves or suicide.

Who are These Bullies?

Bullies are people who suffer from insecurities and low self-esteem. They thrive when they can control others. They are basically narcissistic hence it is difficult to communicate with them and make them understand what they are doing is not right.

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