How depression and mental stress are killers?

The most dangerous phase of mental stress is thinking about obesity or suicide. If it is not treated in a timely manner, a person may be under stress and take extreme steps like suicide. According to the WHO, about 8 million people commit suicide annually around the world, meaning that about ten people commit suicide every ten minutes.

But fortunately, it is a curable disease, just like fever, TB, hepatitis, etc. are treatable. According to one study, one in every 15 adult adults suffers from mental stress; and one in every six people suffer from depression at some stage in their life. Women are more prone to depression than men. In 2018, some celebrity suicides raised many questions because of mental stress. They were the ones who were on the verge of success in their respective fields. So what were the factors that forced these people to commit suicide? The answers to these questions can hardly be found now, but such events force us to think.

Daily you will see suicidal events, reading the newspaper, watching TV, or exploring social media posts. Have you ever wondered why people commit suicide?

There are many reasons for suicide, but the biggest and most important reason is depression. Mental depression can happen to anyone, at any age, for any reason. Goddess understands its seriousness and should treat it like other diseases.

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