Top 6 Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain

4. Meditation

Relaxation is a useful practice for managing diseases like arthritis, as stress induces inflammatory reactions in the body. Meditation, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation are mindfulness-based practices that help put your body into a resting state, countering your body’s stress response.

As your stress drops, your inflammation levels and tension decrease, which may help alleviate pain. Additionally, mindfulness meditation can help people cope with chronic illness by addressing emotional and mental health. Meditation has been shown to help reduce anxiety, alleviate depression and promote deeper, more restful sleep. All of these benefits can help people with arthritis increase their overall quality of life and make their condition less debilitating.

Research shows that even a few minutes of day of quiet mindfulness can help reduce acute stress and pain response. Meditation isn’t for everyone, but it’s safe to try if you’re interested in how it works. There are many different techniques you can try to find the one that’s right for you. With today’s guided meditation apps, you can access certified meditation trainers who can help you learn the proper techniques to practice mindfulness in a way that will lead to greater potential benefits.

5. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a safe and relaxing therapeutic approach to arthritis pain management. During a massage, a licensed therapist uses techniques to manipulate your tissues and muscles, gently encouraging you to release deep tension.

Gentle massage therapy also boosts circulation throughout your tissues, muscles, and joints. With increased blood flow, your joints will be able to receive much-needed nutrients and oxygen to promote repair and reduce inflammation. During relaxing massage therapy, your body also releases feel-good hormones to boost mood and decrease anxiety.

The benefits of massage therapy for arthritis include:

  • Improving range of motion and flexibility
  • Alleviating pain and soreness
  • Improving mental and emotional well-being

Regular massage therapy can help encourage a lifestyle of greater wellness and less stress, which is important for people living with arthritis. Self-massage and massage devices can also help you achieve deep relaxation from home.

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