Proper nutrition and vitamins against dry brittle hair

And it looks like an old grandmother’s wool. 
With this urgent need to fight, but how? And how to bring your hair in excellent, well-groomed look, you’ll learn today in this article.

Girls who are owners of dry hair has very easy. Dry hair is very unruly and to put them into the desired stacking it will have to hold the mirror more than one hour, and besides, it may happen that all of this for nothing. Combing of dry hair, they get confused and they are very hard to comb ordinary comb, which is used for combing hair girl. Dry hair can be combed with iron combs just teeth.

Causes of Dry Hair

Why is your hair dry. There are several reasons: one of them is heredity, which is provided to you by your family, and that’s not your fault. The other cause of your dry hair lies in you, if you frequently use paints that are burning hair, if you routinely use hot hair dryer and curling hair drying and styling. All this has resulted in your hair in such a state as you see them now. Of course, this is terrible, but not necessary with this measure. Need to bring your hair as soon as possible in order!
Care for dry, brittle hair

Where do you begin treatment for dry hair? Now, go to the store, eyes run to the side. Since on the shelves of a large number of different sprays, conditioners, masks, air conditioners, shampoos, gels. Do not forget that there are different hair types: oily, dry, normal. Remedy for your hair should be selected specifically for dry hair, so you can use the funds for fragile hair. But the shampoo for dry hair, you should use only if you have dry scalp. And if it is normal or oily, this shampoo will only go in harm. You need to use a cleansing shampoo and hair you should use the money it has to dry.

Masks for dry hair

So where do you start? Buy a suitable mask for dry hair. Mask – very quickly leads to normal hair structure and makes them shine. As part of masks usually have additives such as jojoba oil, egg lecithin, silk proteins, lanolin. These supplements are very good effect on the hair, they moisten them, and make it more manageable and flexible. It is also a mask for dry hair you can do at home. I think everyone knows the mask of egg yolk. Do not be afraid of such a mask, you think you can make good common yolks of eggs your hair. But you try once and you will be very happy. To prepare the egg mask you will need two or three egg yolks, beat them thoroughly whisk and apply on scalp and hair. Leave the mask on for half an hour, this will be enough. After 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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