Hair Loss May Be the Symptoms of Several Diseases

Perm and coloring hair is prone to cause hair crisp, dry and even irreversible damage. In addition, the hair change is also a direct reflection of human body health. The gloss loss, dry hair and brittle hairs are all the signs of health problems.


Iron deficiency causes anemia, leading to the reduced red blood cells and declined oxygen volume. The hair follicles are in the hungry state, so the hair loss becomes serious and scalp become increasingly apparent. People who have such symptoms are suggested to drink juice and eat iron-rich foods, which could make the hair growth restore.

Diet disorder:

The reduced food intake will lead to the decreased blood flow to the scalp, thereby affecting the normal growth of hair. The serious situation will lead to gloss and hair loss. Experts say that hair loss is rarely permanent, but maintaining a balanced diet and taking in more protein is very critical to prevent hair loss.

Polycystic ovary syndrome:

The female polycystic ovary syndrome is caused by high male hormone, and patients often have sparse hairs on the forehead and head top. Most of the cases occur in patients with family disease history of hair loss. Drugs to reduce male hormone and the scalp massage to promote blood flow all contribute to the growth of patient hairs.

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