Prevent Hair Loss And Alopecia

The most common type of hair loss encountered in men is called male-pattern baldness (also known as androgenic alopecia.) This condition leads to hair width progressively decreasing until the hair is completely gone and baldness develops. Hair loss is never fun to deal and unfortunately, it’s something that everyone has to deal with eventually, young/old, men/women, it’s inevitable.

– If you brush your hair, use a brush that’s soft and dry; do NOT brush your hair if it’s wet as that will cause extra stress to your follicles.

– Try a higher quality conditioner, this will fix most hair thinning problems and for the rinsing, try adding a some vinegar or lemon to the water.

-One of the primary culprits for weak hair is lack of protein. It might seem a little unorthodox or messy, but simply beating an egg and mixing it with olive oil and leaving it in your hair for 15 minutes will wonders for the health of your hair.

-Poor diet is linked to MANY problems including hair loss; simply improving the quality of your diet can drastically increase the quality of your hair. Hair is made of protein and you should be targeting a diet that is rich in vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, biotin, magnesium and zinc. Shoot for soybeans, lentils, almonds, brown rice, whole grain oats, and flaxseed.

You can lose hair because of a lack of blood flow, not enough of the right nutrients in your body, or even because of stress. Many men are losing their hair because of a genetically-based hormone called DHT. Natural DHT blockers like herbs are often used in various remedies to help curb male pattern balding.

Take for example the use of something like mustard seeds. How often have you heard of this herb aiding in the regrowth of hair? Not much, and that’s because many have no clue that it can work in such a way.

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