If you’re experiencing slow hair growth or hair fallout, these unusual but widely tested hair-growth practices from around the world might just do the trick to get your locks back to where you want them.

Simple to do and plant-powered they are certainly worth a go:

Hack # 1

A natural method to stimulate hair stem cells

An ancient Indian technique suggests that by rubbing your fingernails together for 5-10 minutes twice a day you can literally stimulate hair re-growth.

The theory is that by rubbing the nails of both hands together you activate the brain to produce a chemical response that arouses the stem cells at the base of each hair follicle to essentially regrow new hair.

Reflexology also documents that rubbing nails together has an effective result for treating hair loss. The principle is that by applying pressure to certain body parts you can support the healing of various conditions.

Hack #2

Defy Gravity

Blood is the carrier for nourishment to the follicles and because the scalp receives the least amount of blood, inverting your body by means of a headstand or other yoga inversion posture, or by simply flipping your hair upside and letting the blood rush to your scalp will improve circulation and in turn support faster, healthier hair growth.

Whilst there, go ahead and give yourself a nice head massage with Rosemary essential oil which is also thought to activate circulation.

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