Why do hair fall? Modern Research Gives Reasons

Hair loss is a natural process, but falling over a natural amount is a problem. According to US research, hair loss of 50 to 100 in a day is a natural process. This process causes new hair to fall and raw hair to fall off. But losing more than 100 hair is a cause for concern. Experts say that the causes of hair loss over the hair follicles are the change of hormones and there may be a few reasons.

Changes in hormones:

Changes in hormones occur during pregnancy, childbirth, and thyroid complaints, resulting in hair fall faster. During this time the hormones become mini folded.


Scalp infection in the head also weakens the roots of the hair and prevents hair growth. This causes a complaint of fungus, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. Seabrook’s complaint is yellow and extremely sticky to the scalp skin. Due to this, the dryness increases rapidly, which slows down hair growth while it is affected by hormones or excessive oil accumulation in the skin.

Hereditary Hair Loss:

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the cause of hair fall is often inherited as a parent or bloody relationship, which can also lead to illness. So if it is not treated on time, it is normal to have a hair fall called androgenic alopecia.

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