The right hair loss remedies may not only stop the loss of your hair, but help you to keep from losing more. This is essential if you want to keep the 100,000 hair follicles on your head growing hair.

When you start noticing more loss of hair than normal, your first reaction is to panic. Go ahead and get it off your chest and then take a deep breath.

It is time to go to work and find out what hair loss remedies are available to help re-grow your hair. Where are you going to turn to find these remedies?

You may want to start online. The Internet is a portal for information when you need to find all you can about something.

The first thing you need to do is research the reasons why you may be losing excess hair. The first thing you will find out is there are many reasons for this including medications you may be taking.

Are you on any type of medication for depression? Do you take birth control pills?

Have you recently been pregnant? Traumatic events can cause a profound loss of hair.

Once you have ruled out any of these as reasons for the thinning of hair, you will want to begin to concentrate on other reasons. The production of too much testosterone can cause loss of hair.

This is often experienced when women go through menopause. Their estrogen is lower which allows the production of more testosterone.

This paves the way for the production of DHT which is a problem for hair follicles. It attaches itself and smothers hair follicles causing them to shrink.

When this happens, they begin to drop hair and will not grow new hair either. There are herbs that will stop this process such as saw palmetto.

This herb inhibits the DHT and stops it from attacking the hair follicles. This allows the normal processes of hair growth to return.

This is one of the hair loss remedies you will find when you start researching the reason for your problem. As you can see, it is a lot easier to find out what is going on than to panic when you start noticing excess hair loss.

Feeling as though you are doing something about the problem and seeking a hair loss remedy is easier today than ever before. With the Internet to use for your research you are sure to find the cause.

Another all natural remedy that you may come across is the use of vitamins and other all natural herbs. Vitamin B6, Biotin, magnesium and zinc have all shown results as hair loss remedies.

Be wary of remedies that are not researched or well known. Natural products are far less likely to cause side effects or more harm to your hair.

Some products may contain chemicals that can actually cause more damage to your hair. This is one of the reasons you will want to check every remedy that you come across before trying it for your hair loss.

Check the ingredients and see if they are considered safe. Never take for granted that just because you found hair loss remedies on the Internet that they are considered safe.