Workout Routines For Women: How To Get The Elusive Female Fitness Body

Are you one of those people who occasionally pass by a magazine stand and stop there for a couple of minutes contemplating the bodies of the models on the covers of the magazines? You need not do that. If you want to look like the hot celebrities out there such as Jessica Alba who is perhaps currently attracting more male attraction than the once killer Victoria Beckham, you just need to make some smart changes to your workouts. Bear in mind that if they can do it, so can you. You got the same organs, the same hormones, the same everything. The only thing that differs is your workout routines for women.

If you want those elusive sexy curves, you need to include some heavy weights in your bodybuilding program. Don’t worry about bulking up, you simply don’t have the testosterone to go there. In fact, most workout routines for women lay it down that women can consider themselves lucky if they to put on even half a pound of muscle weight per month and that too if you do everything correctly. Next time you happen to be in the gym, instead of going for the pink weights as described by some mediocre workout routines for women, go for the ten pound dumbbells or even the fifteen ones. You’ll notice the change soon enough with your new customized workout routines for women.

You also need to be careful with the cardio section of your workout program. After years in the gym, it still amazes me how women just tend to be attracted towards the cardio section of the gym. They go there and stick in there for hours doing I don’t know what. While many workout routines for women promote cardio, there is so much more you can do and you need to do. Your body will undoubtedly welcome the cardio training of your workout routines for women because it is easy but here is a fun fact for you. When you just start off with your workout routines for women, you might initially burn a hundred calories per mile on the treadmill but soon enough you will start burning no more than 80 and that keeps decreasing exponentially.

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