How to determine if you’re serious about fat loss and fitness success?

As Socrates approaches closer and looks at the woman’s tired but hopeful face, he notices out of the corner of his eye, the young daughter of his neighbor. At this same time, he catches the glimmer of delight between the young boy and girl in playful glances distracting each other.

Again, Socrates turns away with no words uttered. The woman leaves.

Five years pass and the woman returns with the boy now a young strong man. His walk is sure and his eyes meet Socrates with a smile. The woman begins to speak and Socrates places his hand across her mouth already knowing the question.

Socrates takes the young man for a walk toward a stream. It is a beautiful sunny day with birds chirping and animals calmly drinking from the water. Socrates and the boy approach the water’s edge and Socrates asks the boy to kneel next to the edge and look at his reflection in the water.

Just then, Socrates grabs the boy by the back of his neck and plunges his head into the water. The boy’s mother shrieks! Then he pulls his head out. The boy struggles. He shoves his head in once again as the boy struggles. Once again he pulls his head out as he gasps for air. And then as quickly as before, he sticks the boy’s head in the water again. He holds him down longer this time and the boy’s body begins to shake violently.

Just as the boy begins to lessen his struggle, Socrates pulls the boy out and asks the question “What more than anything in the world do you want?” The boy violently wiggling away, choking, and catching his breath, shouts back “Air you crazy man, I want air to live!”

Socrates says “Your First lesson is done. When you want knowledge and wisdom like you wanted that air to liveFree Articles, then you’re ready. I’ll see you tomorrow for lesson two.”

Are you ready to train for success yet?

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