Fat Loss Facts – The Myth of “Spot Reducing”

Loss Myth Dispelled

Some people go into fat loss programs targeting specific areas of their bodies. Obviously they are unhappy with those parts and say things like, “I must get rid of these love-handles.” If you happen to be one of them, this article is for you. It will uncover the plain and simple truth of “spot reducing,” reasons why fat must be burned, and how can a simple program reverse the creeping obesity.

Plain and Simple Truth 

When people talk about shedding those ugly fats at specific areas of the body, it only meant one thing – spot reducing. However, there is no such thing as localized fat loss, plain and simple. Whatever exercise or regimen you do, it affects the whole body and not just a particular area.

Muscle and fat always go together. When you see some flabby excesses, the muscle is still present but cannot be perceived visually because it is covered by excess fat. The extra build up of fat in these areas maybe caused by genetic predisposition or a lack of physical activity for a certain period of time. That is why a good fat loss program invariably halts further development of fat tissues.

When one goes into a fat loss regimen which usually involves some form of exercise, the fat components slowly melt. It dispels another myth that fat is turned into muscle simply because it’s just not possible. Fat and muscle are composed of different cell types and one cannot be converted into the other. Fat loss in this instance is only replaced with an increase in muscle size, making it more noticeable.

Why Fat Must Be Burned

But why must we burn fat? Why focus on fat loss rather than weight loss? By nature, fat is supposed to be burned as we use energy in activities. As we grow older, however, our activities seem to slacken. When that happens, fat builds up and unnecessarily becomes excess weight. When weight goes over normal, it brings various diseases aside from the discomfort of “heaviness.” Overweight people have high risk of stroke and other heart diseases due to the extra weight pressure. Even before this stage is reached, fat loss becomes imperative.

Some of those on fat loss regimen want to lose weight fast. This could be achieved but the result is very short term, and the weight lost is also regained just as fast. Our body’s mechanism is so designed that it does not tolerate abrupt changes and is quick to develop countermeasures to bring it “back to normal.” Slowly does it, and a gradual fat loss equivalent to 200 grams a day would be ideal. Beyond that, the effect would be very unstable. It may no longer be fat loss but a loss of muscle tissue, which is counterproductive.

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