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A little while back………

A woman with her son stumbles up to the front porch of the great Socrates to ask him, “Socrates, would you please teach my son knowledge and wisdom?”

He looks at the women first, and then to the small child that seems to be gazing about in a daydream trance. Then back at the women with a glare.

“Go away, the boy is not ready! He barely has the focus to be interested in what you have to say to me and shows no interest.”

“But please Socrates we’ve traveled so far. He turns his back and shouts, “leave me!” The woman, very upset and almost in tears, decides to leave with her son.

One year has past and the young boy has grown a foot taller and is a small goat in size heavier in body weight.

At the porch stoop, she and her son wait as Socrates arrives home from a prior engagement with a stern look on his face as he spies the woman and her boy.

The woman with the most pleasing of expressions on her face says in the sweetest of tones in her voice.

“Socrates, we have made the journey after another year of reflection and have decided that this was the perfect time to return to you. And I beg of you once again to teach my son your great knowledge and wisdom”

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