Is There Any Connection Between Anxiety Disorder and Anger?

In the rich and varied panoply of human emotions, two feelings are closely linked to each other — and to survival.

Anxiety disorder is the worry or fear you feel in response to a perceived threat. Anger is also a threat response, but it’s coupled with a strong sense of annoyance.

Researchers think these two emotions may play an important role in our ability to sense and react to danger.

But are there other ties between anger and anxiety?

How are these two emotions connected?

Anxiety and anger share a lot of territory.

Both emotions cause physical symptoms by releasing powerful hormones into your bloodstream. Both can be triggered by everyday experiences. And both can be either improved or worsened by your thought patterns.

Here’s what we know about how anger and anxiety interact.

Part of the human condition

Everyone gets angry. Everyone feels anxious now and then.

In fact, there are times when anxiety is logical, and anger is an appropriate response — one that can lead to important changes.

During periods of heightened stress and tension, when conflicts in your personal life are amplified by events in the wider world, anxiety and anger may even seem to be a new normal.

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