Most Common Recreational Injuries and How to Treat Them

Playing sports is fun and there are millions of people who run, skate or shoot hoops every day. However, both professional athletes and amateurs are susceptible to injuries that can end their careers. If you are ready to learn more about the most common recreational injuries, you will have better chances of avoiding them and treating them properly, so they don’t leave a permanent mark.

Spraining your ankle

By far, the most common injury that happens to children and adults alike is a sprained ankle. There isn’t a child who hasn’t sprained their ankle while jumping, as landing awkwardly means you will twist your ankle in an unnatural manner.

Nearly every sport that involves running is risky, as you can easily sprain the ligaments in your ankle or another joint. Because of the stress, the area around the ligament swells, so the only remedy is to rest and avoid physical activity, walking included, for the next couple of weeks.

Provided you haven’t broken a bone or dislocated the joint, the pain shouldn’t be that strong, although you can always take painkillers. Ice and elevation are the solutions for the swelling but even if you remain still, expect the full recovery to last several months.

Hurting your knee

If you have seen a footballer roll on the grass holding their knee, then you know that a knee injury is quite painful. Apart from football, knee injuries are common in basketball and volleyball, i.e. sports that involve a lot of jumping.

Over time, the knee joint weakens and becomes susceptible to injury. The number of repetitive blows the knee can take is limited, so after a while athletes start experiencing chronic pain. The worst thing about knee injuries is that you can easily aggravate an old knee injury if you receive a blow in the same spot.

Straining your back

Seniors aren’t the only ones holding their back in pain, as a strain can occur to runners as well. If you overuse certain muscles or you use them in an improper way for an extended period, then you can strain your back.

Back pain often prevents sports enthusiasts from functioning normally, as opening the fridge door can prove to be painful. Luckily, any good sports podiatry clinic has recovery programs that can help you get back in shape quicker and alleviate the pain. Back injuries can be prevented through warm-ups and stretches.

Bone fractures

When you sprain a muscle, the doctor always hopes that you haven’t fractured a bone. However, when a fracture does occur, the recovery process is prolonged by weeks or months. Essentially, a fracture is when a bone breaks, whether partially or completely. A fracture is very painful and the only way for it to heal is to wear a cast and rest the injured limb as much as possible.

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