Acne Control-Choosing Your Daily Routine

A daily acne control routine will help you to reduce or eliminate the appearance of swelling and lesions. These actions don’t have to be complicated or expensive.

A daily routine for the treatment of acne is a key part of long-term acne control.  The daily activities do not need to be complicated or expensive in order to be effective.  They are helpful in improving the condition and in preventing further outbreaks of acne lesions. The level of severity of acne is the key factor in how effective the routine will be in improving symptoms of the condition. It is undeniable that implementing these actions into your daily life will result in some improvement in general skin health at least. These activities can easily be initiated along with more formal actions such as antibiotics.

Cleansing Your Skin

Although dirt on the skin is not the cause of acne, effective acne control should include a thorough cleansing daily and preferably twice daily.  In the past, the assumption was that blackheads appeared on the skin because the individual was not careful about cleaning oil and dirt from the surface of the skin. When an adolescent showed up with breakouts, the first bit of advice was to ‘Wash Your Face”.  Not surprisingly, harsh soaps as acne fighters often made the condition worse rather than better. In addition, the drying effects of the soaps and scrubbing left the skin dry and red.

Watch Your Diet

Diet is another critical factor in your daily acne control routine.  You should choose nutritious foods that will help to build up the bodies’ bacteria-fighting capabilities. Plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits are available in most supermarkets today and a diet rich in these components is more likely to provide an acne-free environment. You don’t have to eliminate fats and sweets from your diet, but limiting them is a great idea whether or not you suffer from acne. A nutritious diet is a way of life for individuals who want to be healthy.


Another form of acne control is to maintain a positive attitude in your daily activities.  It has been confirmed that there is a definite correlation between acne and a high-stress lifestyle.  The stress causes increased production of skin oils.  The sebaceous glands produce more sebum which can increase to the point where the pocket around the gland becomes filled with oil, and with dead skin cells. The result is a blackhead that is both painful and unsightly. Take the needed steps to relax and lower the stress in the way that you relate to other people and to the situations in which you live and work.

Water Intake

Drinking plenty of water should always be a part of your daily acne control routine. The habit of drinking water is one that is beneficial for skin health as well as for the health of the other body organs and systems. TypicallyHealth Fitness Articles, your daily intake of drinking water should be at least 8 eight-ounce glasses of water. This will assist in the hydration of the cells that make up the skin surface. Healthy skin cells mean healthy functioning of the sebaceous gland and other bodily systems.


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