Acne Care-Tips for a Daily Routine

There are all sorts of treatments that help to provide excellent acne care.  Here are a few methods that can be incorporated into your daily routine for effective control of the condition.

Although scrubbing the skin is no longer recommended as a way to cure acne, there is an aspect of acne care that requires gentle and consistent techniques to cleanse the skin. In addition to cleansing the ravaged skin, the daily routine may require the application of topical antibiotics plus creams or lotions to help to change the condition and help to gently dry the areas where the sebaceous glands are excreting too much sebum.  Here are some daily activities that should help to maintain clean and healthy skin that is free of acne symptoms.


One of the simplest methods of acne care is simply to increase the amount of drinking water that you take in each day. Additional water means your cells remain hydrated.  Good hydration and good circulatory system health mean that your entire body functions better. The toxins released from the cells such as dead skin cells are flushed away when there is plenty of water in the system. Overall body health leads to specific health of the major organs such as the skin. A good circulatory system moves the toxins from the system out of the body through perspiration, respiration and kidney function. So drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day.


Your daily routine for acne care should always include morning and evening cleansing with a gentle product such as one containing salicylic acid.  This substance provides a mild drying action without further damage to the skin.  The acne blemishes should never be scrubbed with harsh cleansers or products that only tend to make the skin more inflamed.  However, exfoliation is a part of cleansing.  Warm water and gentle action help to clear the pores of built-up oils and dead skin cells without cell damage.


The drying action of salicylic acid has been proven effective as part of the acne care routine, both morning and evening.  By using a colorless drying agent as part of the cleansing product, it provides a base for daily activities, including specialized makeup that is not oil-based.  Using the drying product at bedtime helps the skin to heal, as well.  Several good products for acne contain salicylic acid, so you can read the labels or use products recommended by your health care professional for your daily routine. The products are typically over the counter, but aggressive action early in the course of the disease may help to prevent most, if not all scarring.


Of course, the daily acne care routine should include products that help the damaged skin heal.  This can be a non-oil-based moisturizer, a topical antibiotic, or products to reduce redness and swelling.  AgainHealth Fitness Articles, some products are over the counter while others require a prescription.  Checking with the medical personnel will provide an accurate diagnosis of the type of acne that is involved. Treatment for any acne should begin with an understanding of the type of acne and then the best daily care routine can be more easily established.

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