5 new ways to find fitness motivation

It is no secret that building up the motivation to exercise can sometimes be more challenging than the workout itself. But what if you already have the tools you need to find your motivation?

It might be as easy as assembling a playlist of your favourite songs, or finally repurposing that tote bag you always mean to bring to the grocery store to be your gym bag. Let’s explore some new —and maybe unexpected — ways to help unleash that motivation.

Put together a dynamite playlist

Put your favourite tunes together to power you through a workout or download a new podcast for a cardio session.

Wear your workout clothes more

While it might seem like wishful thinking, science has shown that the clothes we wear can impact our behaviour. If you plan to exercise in the afternoon, try putting on your workout clothes right when you wake up.

Keep yourself accountable and inspired

Log your workouts in a notebook or journal, or place inspiring sticky-notes around the house to remind you of your goals.

Repurpose an old bag to be your gym bag

Having a dedicated gym bag that you prepare the night before is a great way to feel ready to hit the gym, while also keeping yourself accountable.

Treat yourself, every once in a while

Reach a fitness goal and want to celebrate? A great way to honour your success while being practical might be treating yourself to a new workout outfit or a snazzy new pair of sneakers. A little something new might just help power you to achieve your next goal.

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