20 Minute At-Home Ab Workout Routine

20 Minute At-Home Ab Workout Routine

I get asked ALL the time by the BBG Community how you can get defined abs or a flat stomach.

The first thing you need to know is that to get lean and fit requires you to train your WHOLE body — you have to do more than just ab workouts!

You will often hear me say that it isn’t possible to spot reduce by focusing only on a certain area. Getting the results you want with defined abs takes disciplined training and a healthy eating plan.

That said, doing extra ab exercises in addition to a full-body workout plan, like my BBG program, can help build muscle in those areas you want to pay more attention to.

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  • At-Home Ab Workout Routine
  • What Muscles Does This Workout Target?

Core strength is crucial for your overall fitness and helps to improve balance and stability. And, fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you have to do hundreds of crunches each day!

Crunches only target the superficial (outer) abdominal muscles, which isn’t necessarily the most effective way to achieve strong abs.

If you’re looking to build well-rounded strength in your abs, core exercises like plank variations, ab bikes, leg raises and Russian twists are going to help you get there!

At-Home Ab Workout Routine

This 20-minute ab workout will fire up your core, so find a bench or chair and give it a go!

Set a timer and do each circuit for five minutes, with one minute of rest between circuits. Complete the circuits twice each for a 20-minute workout!

As with all my workouts, make sure to warm up first with five minutes of walking or skipping, or you can create your own warm up routine.

Circuit 13 Exercises / 5 minutes

1. Bent-Leg Raise


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