Top 10 Best Pregnancy Tips For Women

Pregnancy Tip 5:

Find a health care practitioner you love: The ups and downs of your pregnancy require special support and pregnancy resources. Find someone who welcomes your questions, puts your fears to rest and supports you in having the best pregnancy and delivery you can. For me I found this support in my midwives who gave me one hour session and even made house calls. Plus, once I found out my midwives’ statistics on c-sections, forceps use and episiotomies I was hooked! Other friends hired a doula (birth coach), or had a doctor they loved, and were thrilled with the care they received.

Pregnancy Tip 6:

Listen and learn to trust your body: Surrendering to my cravings (turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and chocolate ice cream), the need of extra sleep (sometimes I would simply sit down to rest and suddenly wake up two hours later!) and being gentle with myself was what got me through.

Also, reading parenting books like The Girlfriends Guide… (for the humor and practicality), to fabulous hardcore midwifery books like Ina May’s Guide To Pregnancy (my favorite) helped me to learn to trust my body more than ever before. These books (another good one was Birthing From Within) helped to dissolve many of my fears, as I learned things like no matter how big your baby is, babies heads are mostly around the same size, and are designed by nature to make the journey through the birth canal.

Pregnancy Tip 7:

Find other pregnant women and hang out with them: My pre-natal exercise class is a real pregnancy resource blessing. Not only am I getting fit but I found a sense of belonging, where I could really let my belly hang out with the best of them. Whenever I began to pity myself (like on an especially nauseous day) I would find another pregnant woman who was going through a tougher situation (like kidney stones or painful hemorrhoids!), or a real trouper in class would say something that lifted my spirits. Plus, by finding other pregnant women I saved my non-pregnant friends the hassle of listening to me share every play-by-play experience of my pregnancy–which likely saved a few of my friendships. 😉

Pregnancy Tip 8:

Spend money only on the baby things that will make a real difference to you and borrow or buy the rest second-hand: Babies don’t care about paint chips and décor, only about being close to the milk source–you! The fact they will rapidly grow out of any and all clothes helped put my priorities in order. So we splurged on the things that mattered to me: the stroller (as I am a huge walker), a safe car seat (for obvious reasons) and a rocker/glider (once I realized that I could be feeding up to twelve hours a day for the first six weeks).

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