The Best Time of Month to Become Pregnant – 3 Tips to Become Pregnant Fast!

Here are three major tips for any woman interested in knowing about the best time of the month to become pregnant. This document will also help a woman who is ready to become pregnant fast no matter what age, body type, health situation, or genetic scenario!

#1. Take advantage of your ovulation period! This is the starting step!

The best time of the month to become pregnant is during your ovulation period! All major studies suggest this very point. To figure out when this time period for you is, simply calculate when your menstrual cycle starts. If your average menstrual period lasts 28 days you will know that your ovulation period will occur during the 14th day. You will want to start having intercourse a few days before the 14th and continue through till a few days after.

#2. Having Intercourse every other day during this time works best!

The best time of the month to become pregnant should still be utilized with moderation. Some women think they need to have sex like crazy during the ovulation period for fertilization to be successful. This is not the case. Once a day during this period is fine but most studies say every other day works even better. Let your partner know that for the cause of fertilization you will be making love every other day during the ovulation period. This will allow your partner’s sperm count to build to an ideal amount during this phase.

#3 In winter men’s sperm count is highest but staying healthy, happy, and passionate is more important!

Though sperm counts have been tested to be the highest during the winter this does not mean your best time of the month to become pregnant has to be in the winter. The more important factor for women and couples is to work on having a balanced mindHealth Fitness Articles, body, and nervous system. This can be achieved in many different ways but there are certain sources that help more than others.

Here are a few quick tips to promote health and get you started.

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