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The new year is always a time to re-think last year and to start fresh.

Often the most popular resolutions are to be healthier and do more exercise.

Why is it then that, after starting with the best intentions, we start to let things slide over the next few weeks? And why do we repeat this each and every year?


A big part of it is due to fitness motivation levels that are skyrocketed at the start of each year. Then “life gets in the way” causing motivation levels to gradually decline and people’s fitness goals slowly deteriorate throughout the year.

We will look here at how you can stay consistently fit and motivated throughout 2020 making it your best year for achieving your fitness goals.

Let’s get started!

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated for Fitness in 2020

It’s crucial to sustain your levels of motivation and have the discipline to train consistently. Let’s explore 5 ways to keep yourself motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

#1 – Set Yourself Specific, Achievable Goals (Have a Plan)

As the New Year ticks on, many people find they’ve made the same mistake by setting broad, unrealistic goals.

Make sure your fitness goals are specific, realistic and achievable. To avoid disappointment, be specific about what you what you want to do and how you want to do it. Having smaller goals within your big dream, allow you to feel a sense of achievement along the way. Give yourself a pat on the back as you achieve each stage to keep you going. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up if your goals are too ambitious from the start.

If you have not been exercising for a while, a short-term goal might be to walk 20 minutes a day for four days a week. Then set yourself progression targets to increase this over the next few weeks.

Break this down into months and weeks so you can add specific milestones to your calendar. This will help remind you of the plan. Note the days you’re going to attend the gym and set specific workouts (running, cycling, chest training, arms training, etc.) on those days working towards your goals.

Before reading the next tip, do this now:

Write down your yearly goal and break it down into monthly goals. Without a specific goal, it’s difficult to stay motivated.

#2 – Commit to A Personal Challenge

Commit to a personal challenge by setting a deadline for yourself.

For example, if your goal is to run a 10k by October, sign up for a 10k you can participate in.

Or if your goal is to lose 6 pounds in weight and get lean, sign up for a photoshoot or even book a beach holiday.

Another interesting method is to pay your friend £500 if you don’t achieve your goals. Put the money in a marked envelope so you can reward it to yourself if you do reach your target. The amount has to be significant enough for you to keep pushing yourself, even on the days you don’t want to.

This way, you have the additional incentive to achieve the goal, as you have committed to something and there is no turning back. The higher the stakes are, the better it is for you!

#3 – Schedule Your Training Time

Set a training schedule with specific times that you block off to establish a consistent training routine. Eventually, when you are consistent, it will become a habit. That’s when it becomes life changing.

The initial stage will always be the hardest but remember this – no one ever regretted a workout. In fact, you will feel much better after training as your endorphin level increases post-exercise.

Studies have also shown that endorphins help trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of opiates.

Furthermore, if you train in the morning, you will notice higher energy levels throughout the day (without coffee) which will indirectly help increase your productivity at work.

Sometimes, motivation is not the key – routine is.

#4 – Get a Training Partner or a Coach

One of the biggest influences on your behaviour is the people who you surround yourself with.

Considering this, finding the right training partner (similar level or better than you) will provide you with healthy competition. He or she can give you encouragement on the “tough” days. Besides, a training partner might even see your strong points and help push you harder than you would if you were training alone.

Everyone’s training routine and exercise choices are different. A variety of exercises, combining your and your training partner’s preferences, will minimise boredom, keeping your fitness routine exciting and fun. Varied training also challenges your body in different ways, helping you elicit the growth of additional muscle fibres.

If you can’t find a training partner who is at the same level or better than you, find a coach as this will work in the same way. It boils down to personal preference and financial capacity.

#5 – Get Training Clothes Ready the Night Before

Our final tip is simple yet effective. Get your training attire ready the night before. Your mind will automatically know what to do the following day.

If you do this consistently, it will increase the days of your weekly training.



Staying motivated is difficult, even for elite athletes in the fitness industry.

This is why having an approach like the ones mentioned above is key to making sure you stay committed and focused on your fitness goals.

Once you have read those snippets of advice, please put them into action. The worst thing you can do is to absorb information after information without implementing it and put things into practice. The only way to make a change is to do something differently.

Hopefully you have gained some valuable insights from this article. Our final closing message would be:

Stay motivated and stick to your fitness goals this year!