Dermatitis is a condition that is related to the inflammation of the skin. The problem of dermatitis results in flaking, thickening, itching, and also the color of the skin changes. Various factors are there which contribute to the cause of dermatitis. This may be the result of metals, plants, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. The range of dermatitis varies with the quality of these commodities. The common cause of skin irritants and dermatitis are stress and sunlight. It also exacerbates dermatitis. Dermatitis which is caused by an irritant or an allergy is called contact dermatitis. Hereditary dermatitis is also known by the name atopic dermatitis. It is often present during infancy. Another type of dermatitis which is considered to be of chronic nature is called nummular dermatitis. It usually appears on the limbs and it is large round legions. One more form of dermatitis is there which is related to intestinal and immune disorders and it is itchy and known as Dermatitis herpetiformis. The most common form of dermatitis is known as eczema. It is usually fluid-filled blisters that ooze, weep and crust over. One of the forms of dermatitis which affect the face and the scalp is called seborrhea.

There are few natural ways that help in increasing certain vitamins and their supplements and thus help in healing the skin. There are a few suggestions –

1. The person suffering from dermatitis should avoid dairy products. If there is an inflammation in the skin then a change in diet may help to a great extent. You must eliminate milk and dairy products as it will lead to clear up your skin.

2. You must treat your skin with goldenseal and vitamin E. Make a loose paste of goldenseal root powder with vitamin E oil and a little honey then apply this paste to the affected area. It greatly helps to promote healing and also to relieve your dry, itchy skin.

3. For dermatitis a tea made from dandelions is suggested invariably. It is a natural and easy way to reduce the symptom and problems of dermatitis. So try a cup of tea to get rid of this problem. It will also feed your skin with the minerals and vitamins it needs.

4. It is recommended that a gluten-free diet can be beneficial in controlling dermatitis. It has been observed that the problem of the skin is reduced when a gluten-free diet adheres for 6 weeks.

5. Avoid eating raw eggs.