How To Maintain Healthy Skin Best Tips And Home Remedies

4. Consumption Of Fresh Fruit Juices

Regular consumption of fresh fruit juices keeps your super hydrated and helps you achieve glossy skin. Fruits are enriched with several health beneficial nutrients and proteins with several antioxidants. Consume fresh fruit juices on a regular basis to gain glowing skin for an extended period. The addition of fresh fruit salads to your daily diet can help you to achieve clean, fair skin.

How To Prepare:
  • Blend 5-6 pieces of beetroot and carrots in a blender by adding little amount of water and consume it at your breakfast on a regular basis.
  • This drink helps you to maintain a hydrated and spotless glowing skin without any acne and scars.
  • You can also consume fresh carrot juice or pomegranate or orange juice to achieve adorable glowing skin.

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