Learn how the corona virus can affect childrens?

Coronavirus effects on adults

Dr. Robert says that as babies begin to transition into adults at one stage, we see maturity in the immune system of older children as compared to adolescents, which is less effective in controlling the virus, so it’s always important to remember It is important to note that we know very little about this virus, we are actually making speculations in an attempt to understand it.

Can Corona Virus Transmit To Others With Minor Symptoms Or Without Symptoms?

Experts say that the biggest problem is that many people think that Coronavirus does not affect children, so we do not have to worry, but the virus does not directly interact with any single person. Or in case of coughing, it can occur with the finer drops of the mouth.

This proves that even if a child is infected with a virus but is healthy, it can still affect those close to him.

According to British experts, one of the reasons why children are not exposed to the coronavirus is that children’s corona is not being tested in most countries at this time because they think it does not affect children.

One of the reasons for the spread of cases among children is that schools are closed and the virus-infected young people or older people at social events and offices.

Experts say that in the coming days when these infected people spend time with children in the presence of the virus, we may see cases of the virus in children.

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