Learn how the corona virus can affect childrens?

Coronavirus was the first to shut down schools around the world to keep children safe from the attack, but there have been several cases of infected children.

After the study and analysis so far, medical experts say that the coronavirus that kills thousands of people is less affected by children than older ones, but it is not that it is not dangerous for children.

Andrew Pollard, an epidemiologist at Oxford University, says it was initially believed that the virus did not affect children, but it did not. The symptoms are similar to those found in adults.

According to data from a Chinese center, 72,031 cases of Cod-19 were reported as of February 20, of which only 2 percent of those under 19 were reported.

According to a US study, no child deaths were reported in 508 cases, thus accounting for less than one percent of infant mortality.

How does the coronavirus affect children compared to young people?

Although the Coronavirus has not been fatal for children, there have been reports of deaths in London and Belgium, including China, at ages 12,13, and 14.

Children who were in Corona were found to have difficulty breathing (ARDS); these are the cases that are adults while the percentage of children under 9 is found to be one percent. Yes, this is why they do not have these symptoms despite infection.

Graham Roberts, a Senior Advisor for Children at the University of Southampton, explained that children suffering from Cod-19 receive nausea, cough complaints, such as frostbite, but the virus can spread to their lungs. It does not go away and does not cause them to breathe, for them the pneumonia is proven to be life-threatening but not Cod-19.

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