Learn how the corona virus can affect childrens?

Why is the Coronavirus less affected by children?

Dr. Andrew Pollard says that when a baby is born, vaccinations are administered to prevent any infection from being infected to a certain age, which will enable them to fight immune infections. This is because children who grow up to 12 years of age do not have to go through a vaccine phase, but they can only protect it with food.

Cody 19 has a serious infection in very young children, he added, indicating that their basic ways to deal with the virus are different.

Chinese researchers study that children are less prone to cardiovascular and respiratory complaints and that is why coronary infections are more affected and baby safer.

Does the Corona Virus Affect Newborns?

According to research, the Coronavirus can also attack newborns, one of which has been exposed in London and another in China.

Although it has not been revealed whether the baby is in the womb, it is affected by it or after birth, but when the newborn baby is affected, the mother’s test results are positive.

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