Why do hair fall? Modern Research Gives Reasons

Complaints of the thyroid:

When there are very few thyroid hormones being supplied to the body, it causes a complaint of hypothyroidism. Thai raid hormones play a vital role in human health. They range from the metabolic rate of the body to the growth of hair and nails, but when they are not found in a balanced quantity, changes in the body’s system begin to occur, leading to hair loss.

Iron deficiency:

Women who are reluctant to take a healthy diet during menstruation often lack iron, which weakens hair growth and causes hair fall.

Hair Dyeing:

Charming and adorning a unique style is one of the top priorities for which women often embellish it with different colors or adopt a style that makes them look unique and beautiful. But using too many chemicals can affect the hair’s glow and cause it to become unconscious, causing the hair to become weak and fall off.

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