Diet For ADHD Kids

As a holistic nutrition consultant, I always try to find the best available natural alternative for my clients. Finding the best diet for ADHD kids was as difficult as I imagined. Because my nephew who lives with me and had all the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder made it somehow a little bit easier since I could watch his behavior worsen or improve from day to day, depending on what he has eaten or drunk that day or the day before.

Today I am going to tell you about how important it is to supplement an ADHD diet for children with essential fatty acids.

According to Halford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Health, and who has tried to develop an ADHD remedies nutrition program and ADD vitamin program and a diet for ADHD kids; many children with ADHD have known symptoms of essential fatty acid deficiency, such as excessive thirst, dry skin, eczema, and asthma.

A study done by Oxford University has proven the effectiveness of Omega 3 fish oil in treating ADHD children, in a double-blind trial involving forty-one children aged eight to twelve years with ADHD symptoms and specific learning difficulties. Those children receiving extra essential fats in supplements were both behaving and learning better within twelve weeks.

Following this study I added EFA to my diet for ADHD kids, and the results for my nephew were absolutely astonishing, the kid was never able to sit still, either watching TV, eating, standing, or doing homework, he was unable to stop moving his hands and his legs, after eight weeks he was able to sit still, and standstill.

Although omega 3 was not the only thing I did because I was aiming at finding the best ADHD diet for kids or adults, so omega 3 was the first stage of many steps in this journey.

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