Cramps and Backache Symptoms in Early Pregnancy

Fainting and Dizziness

Though, dizziness is quite common in the early pregnancy period, fainting or ‘syncope’, has the trend to be rather uncommon.

Fainting and Dizziness during Early Pregnancy

In Victorian times, fainting was considered a more unsophisticated manner of recognizing that a lady was actually pregnant. Remarkably, this simple physical gesture was most certainly not a far call from the reality. Fainting in early or even mid pregnancy periods may be the causative result of natural dilation and relaxation of your blood vessels under the sway of the hormone known as progesterone that lowers your blood pressure.


Due to a profusion of various hormonal changes in your body during the weeks that follow conception, grueling headaches can be a common phenomenon in many pregnant women.

Headaches during Early Pregnancy

The common fact that women may generally be more prone severe to headaches during their early pregnancy period, but are medically advised to desist from taking pain killers, is rather ironic.

Though, during the initial 12-week period of your pregnancy, headaches are a result of hormonal changes in your body, its cause could equally be an increase in the volume of blood circulating through your entire system.

Exhaustion and Tiredness

Though, tiredness may commonly be termed as a normal symptom during your early pregnancy days, it is not necessarily entirely related to your changed hormonal state or even to that of your growing baby.

Excessive Tiredness during Early Pregnancy

It is not utterly abnormal for you to feel excessively tired at various stages of your pregnancy. A lot of women who are newly pregnant may experience extreme fatigue in their initial 12-week pregnancy period.

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