Best Natural Hair Care Products

Every strand of our hair experiences three stages in all its year’s cycle:

The Anagen stage – A stage when the development in hair is really seen. The follicle partitions and adds to the stretching.

The Catagen stage – This is to a greater degree a transitional stage. Here the hair development stops and the pole of the hair is pushed up closer to the surface as the follicle recoils.

The Telogen stage – This is the resting stage which goes on for around 2-4 months. When this stage is over, the hair sheds all alone

Olive Oil & Lemon:  Olive oil is alleviating as well as unwinding. Lemon counteracts irritation and dryness of the scalp

Avocado Conditioning: Avocado is a rich Natural Hair Care hotspot for unsaturated fats. Squash avocadoes. You may blend egg yolks or mayonnaise to convey sparkle to your hair

Eggs & Lemon: Eggs are rich in protein and are Natural Hair Care conditioners. To calm the scalp you may include lemon juice.

Bananas: Bananas are potassium-rich and contain vital vitamins for hair development. The purging properties of the banana give a rich and smooth surface to the hair.

Milk & Honey Mask: Milk is known for its supporting properties and honey is a characteristic sunscreen.

Yogurt Mask: yogurt is the best Natural Hair Care Product. Add honey for better results

Herbs – Reetha, Hibiscus, And Henna: Henna is a characteristic conditioner and gives a rich hair shading. At the point when reetha, egg, amla, and hibiscus are added to henna, petitioned an hour and washed, the outcomes are exceptional.

Onion Juice: This is the most seasoned and the most proficient home solution for hair development.

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