What is Autism, its various causes and types?

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental and neurological disorder that affects the person’s ability to communicate and behave with others.

Autism spectrum disorder or commonly known as Autism is a mental illness, which is characterized by problems related to behavior and communication. It is a complicated brain malfunction and indulges a wide range of skills and symptoms. A person suffering from Autism disorder needs special and full-time care whether they have a minor disability or problem or major problem.

In Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, there is a variation in the severity and type of symptoms. Basically, it’s the developmental and neurological condition that affects the person’s ability to communicate and behave. Scientists in its recent research have studied and believed that genetics play a bigger role and that how environment and genes both play a vital role in causing changes in the brain, that leads to the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

People suffering from Autism Disorder find it difficult in expressing their feelings or themselves to others even through gestures and words and it also makes them unable to understand what other people think or say or feel. People suffering from ASD face problems in learning and due to brain malfunctions, their skills may develop slowly and unevenly. Before it gets worsen people must consult a Psychiatrist in Gurgaon for a speedy recovery.

This disorder affects a person’s day-to-day life. But in this disorder, people might find it difficult to communicate but some of them have special ability or talent related to arts, music, or a good memory, reasoning. The reports say that as compared to before nowadays most children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. About the 102 identified genes, out of the 42 genes are related to other developmental issues. One of the scientists named Lori J. Warner has said that “some genes appear connected to the development or cause of ASD, whereas the others may increase the risk of having ASD plus severe neurological developmental disorder”.

 Symptoms of Autism

Generally, the symptoms of autism can be seen in children as they get into the age of 3, but there are some cases when the sign of Autism disorder can be seen at the time of birth only. Some of the basic symptoms are as follows:

  • repetition of various kind of works like flipping a lever, or repeating words or phrases.
  • intense dedication to certain things.
  • people may find it difficult to have eye contact with other people.
  • they might ignore people or avoid listening to them.
  • fast reaction to certain sounds, smells, objects.
  • they hate when people pamper or cuddle them.
  • sometimes it becomes harder for them to cope up with the changes in their routines.
  • the problem in talking is their voice may not be clear for others to understand and they also found it trouble communicating with others.

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