17 Women Share Their Best Tips For Getting Motivated To Work Out

16. Think of a morning workout as a way to set your day in the right direction.



“For me, working out is a huge part of my mental health. Working out is a way of releasing energy and frustration. It’s cliché, but so true that I never regret a workout. Plus, working out in the morning gets my whole day going in the right direction and I feel like I make better health decisions when I start my day with a sweat.”

17. And most importantly, consider it “you” time.

“If I find myself stressed because I don’t have time for a workout, I think about how this one-hour indoor cycling class or 30-minute run is my mental vacation, a chance to breathe and step back from my busy day. I try to turn it into a treat rather than a chore. This helps me show up, work hard, and focus on the workout—rather than count down the minutes left.