Learning to Live with Sensory Processing Disorder Successfully

We are on a journey together and I’m definitely not “there” but I have learned a few things along the way. I’ve learned that my child needs me to keep him comfortable and needs me to structure his life. I’ve learned that yelling isn’t the answer and that building up his body is a process but it’s one that is worth the effort. I’ve learned that putting him first above everything else has worked for me. My career is on hold. Marketing is on hold. Moving ahead with dream projects are on hold. Jeremy has my complete and full attention at the moment.

I’ve never worked so hard in my life. I don’t even eat sugar or drink alcohol much anymore because it might affect my mood and I just don’t have time to slow down. I do many of my workouts at home with hand weights, pushups and lunges because I know I need to be strong for this journey.

My son has made me into a better person. His challenges that he had early on due to a premature delivery has made us all work harder in our life. But I see a remarkable person developing right in front of me. He’s smart about nutrition and exercise. He understands the value of hard work. He sees that when he eats well and exercises that people comment positively on his body. He has such in depth knowledge of historical bible characters from the cartoons, that he often shares pearls of wisdom with me from the leaders of the Bible. He understands that everyone is a little bit the same like that we all have skin, eyes and hair, and that we’re all a little different, in our attitudes, beliefs and actions.

I feel honored to have a child that has had challenges in life out of the gates. He changed my attitude of entitlement to one of hard work and commitment and devotion. I would never give up the last several years of incredible struggle and learning that we’ve gone through. Now I know what it takes for him to have a good day. It takes muscle work, good food to feed his body, reading to him, being with him and loving him.

Sensory Processing Disorder is a situation that can cause families to be in crisis and have chaos. When the kids are whiney and uncomfortable and mom and dad aren’t sleeping, the whole family life is turned upside down. There is hope though, and I hope one day I’ll be able to say that all of my discoveries are things that worked over the long haul, but for right now, they seem to, and I’m going to continue to integrate our OT, healthy eating and nurturing of my son into our daily routine.

After all, I’ve never met another person who I thought was more worth it… than my son.


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