Fitness Secrets for Women Over 40


There are several unavoidable truths about what you eat.

The first is, you cannot ‘out train poor nutritional choices’.

What this means is, regardless of how hard you train, if your diet is poor, you simply will never get the results you are longing for.  The exercises and strategies listed above are some of the most effective ways to tone your muscles. The fact is, you will never actually see those muscles, or improve your trouble spots unless you make sound nutritional choices.

Secondly, going ‘on a diet’ is one of the most effective ways to GAIN weight! ’.

Lowering your calories excessively will result in a slower metabolism.  Eventually, this leads to more body fat, and for most women, a revolving cycle.  This will make you unhappy, and unhealthy.  Making sure that your diet is jammed with nutritionally dense whole foods will multiply the results you will get from any workout regime you decide to use.

My TOP 3 nutritional tips are as follows:nutrition-tips

  1. Eat 5-6 small meals daily. This ensures that you never get too hungry and overeat. As well, your body knows that there is a steady supply of food coming in.  This will help boost your metabolism, which helps burn body fat.
  2. Include protein with every meal. This will help to stabilize blood sugar and help to control your appetite.
  3. Lower your intake of starchy carbs, and eat more fibrous carbs.  Steer clear of refined sugar.  Your mother was right.  Eat your veggies!  Eat breads and pastas in moderation.  Never drink your calories.  So stay away from soda pop, and choose whole fruit over fruit juice.

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