Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder

Because this question continues to arise, I think it important to revisit this topic, focusing on the differences that should be considered in making these diagnoses.

How and When the Mood Symptoms Develop

Borderline personality disorder describes patterns of ineffective and difficult responses to and interactions with other people and the world that have developed since adolescence or even earlier and were never more effectively developed in the first place. These symptoms have always been present — they are the person’s baseline or typical self.

Bipolar disorder, including bipolar II, is a condition in which emotional and behavioral patterns emerge that are different from the person’s typical or baseline self. This is a core diagnostic feature. For example the DSM 5 requires that a hypomanic episode be an “unequivocal change in functioning that is uncharacteristic of the individual when not symptomatic.”

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