What Are The Diagnosis and Staging Of Breast Cancer?


A biopsy is a procedure to remove a sample of tissue from a tumor or other, abnormal area of the breast. A physician will then use a microscope to search the sample for breast cancer cells. If cancer cells are present, the physician will conduct further tests to learn which type of breast cancer it is.

Patients will be given numbing medication or, in some cases, sedation to help keep them comfortable during procedure. Biopsies are conducted on an out-patient basis.

Fine needle aspiration

This is the least invasive method of biopsy. The surgeon or radiologist uses a thin needle with a hollow center to remove a sample of cells from the suspicious area. In cases where the lump cannot be felt, physicians use imaging to guide the needle to the right location.

Image-guided core needle biopsy

Core needle biopsy uses a larger hollow needle than fine needle aspiration. The surgeon or radiologist removes several cylinder-shaped samples of tissue while using an imaging technique, such as ultrasound, for guidance.

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