Benefits of Children Swimming

At that age, the experience in the water is very attractive. Coaches understand that children learn by playing and make the moment in the water, a playful experience in which the baby listens to music and interacts with toys.

Benefits without injuries

  • Swimming, unlike other sports, minimizes the risks of injuries, while the practitioner strengthens his entire body and has fun.
  • Swimming prevents respiratory diseases and if the child suffers from them, their condition improves, as infants who practice swimming learn to breathe properly and expand their lung capacity.
  • Exercising the body with swimming is also beneficial for the cardiovascular condition of children and improves their physical endurance and not only that but also improves their entire circulatory system.
  • Another benefit of swimming is that it lowers blood glucose levels because aerobic exercise causes increased insulin sensitivity. Therefore, it reduces insulin needs in diabetic children.

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