7 Things Sensory Processing Disorder Has Taught Me


When we first got the diagnosis, it was very overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. I stayed up late at night reading The Out-of-Sync Child and Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals. I spent countless hours searching the internet for information. Little by little I started to gain a better understanding of what sensory processing disorder actually is and how it affects my child. I started to learn my child’s triggers and exercises that we can do to help him when he is over-regulated or under-regulated. It took time and it’s something that I will continuously research, but I know now that I can do this! Together, I and my son will conquer SPD.

Check out this awesome resource for kids with baffling behaviors. 

The Behavior Workshop Behaviors Workshop teaches you and your child everything you need to end the chaos and reconnect with your child, including:

  • Understanding Worries, Behaviors, and Big Emotions
  • Assessing Behaviors and Modifying (Complete with observation checklists and forms)
  • Implementing Proven Strategies, Phrases, and Techniques (Includes games for kids and hands-on activities to play together)
  • Self-Regulation Strategies for Children
  • Calming Tools and Resources (tons of printable visual tools and games)

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