3 Common Skin Diseases and Quick Fixes for Them


This skin injury will show as soon as the skin is exposed to a certain amount of UV radiation. In truth, a lot of people hardly turn very red, even with the presence of sunburnt skin. These are those people with more of a brown skin pigment called melanin that acts as a protector from the harsh effects of UV radiation. However, a fair-skinned person is capable of burning and blistering very quickly and to a very large extent.

Everyone is able to benefit from the conventional prevention strategies like the daily application of sunscreen, wearing protective clothing like sunglasses and hats, etc. However, when it’s too late for any preventive method to be effective and you are in desperate need of a quick fix for sunburn, it is best to reach for foods with vitamin E content. Regardless of the type of skin trauma, applying vitamin E twice a day will go a long way in helping the skin heal itself automatically. To achieve the best results and in real-time too, just cut a little vitamin E supplement in half and rub the gel inside onto your skin.


We can all recognize that guy who always has a face so red; he looks like he took years of punches to the face. While that might actually have happened to him, there are actually a lot of people (well over 10 million Americans) who credit their swollen and red face to the inflammatory skin disease known as Rosacea. Although it isn’t life-threatening at any rate, it is still capable of delivering a devastating effect on your appearance and self-esteem. It definitely doesn’t help that it gets significantly worse over time if it is left untreated.

The safe cure for this disease will require some prescription drugs. However, the place of self-care can’t possibly be overemphasized. People are different, so it’s important to know what really is the cause of these flare-ups; it could be exposed the sun, certain foods that the person consumed, certain harmful daily activities, etc. once this source has been identified, the next line of action is to minimize your exposure to it. Other preventive strategies include wearing sunscreen, avoiding contact with the face too much, and not applying skin products that have alcohol content anywhere on the skin