Gut Health and ADHD Symptoms

Gut bacteria support nearly every facet of health and are part of the inner ecosystem of microbes that develop in each of us, beginning in the womb.

That’s why healthy gut flora are important for so many functions in the body, including optimal mental and emotional function (the creation of neurotransmitters and proper chemical balance in the brain), which is crucial for children with ADHD.

For the gut microbiome to be healthy, it requires an abundance of the good bacteria, also known as probiotics. About 85% of gut microbes should be a variety of probiotics in order to optimize important functions in the body and brain.

This is easier said than done, since so many things work against us (and our children) when it comes to the good flora we need to keep us healthy and thriving.

Here’s a quick list of things that can wipe out the good guys…

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