10 Things a Parent of an SPD Child Wants to Say to YOU

  • He doesn’t understand personal space.

I apologize in advance.  My son is going to get in your face – frequently.  Because his proprioceptive system is underdeveloped, he doesn’t understand his own body in space. Thus, he cannot understand his body relative to yours.  As a result, the only way he fully knows he’s close to you is if his face is touching (or nearly touching) yours.  Again, since his auditory sense is sometimes jumbled, he ensures you can hear him (and he, you) by being all but on top of you for a conversation.  He doesn’t do this to be rude… he does it because he doesn’t know any other way.

We are working on this.  Please be patient with him.

  • He LOVES stepping on things with his bare feet.

Owing to his intense addiction to stimulation, Vincent loves stepping on everything and anything with his bare feet.  This poses quite the challenge to us, because he even gets satisfaction from stepping on things that are dangerous.  He’s broken more than one plastic toy because he craved the sensation of various objects under the sensitive nerves of his feet.

In addition to forcing John and I to keep the floors relatively free of items, this also creates a problem with shoes.  Vincent is very sensitive to the type of shoes he’s willing to wear, and it’s many times a fight to get him to keep them on, even when we’re outside.  He’s not throwing a temper-tantrum because he wants to wear his SpongeBob boots vs. his Spiderman sneakers… he’s having a meltdown because his SpongeBob boots give him relief from his tactile craving while his Spiderman sneakers compound the frustration and add to his anxiety.

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