Highly impulsive

A key symptom of ADHD in other age groups is impulsivity.  ADHD patients often act without thinking, and children are no different.  Though your child may seem to be a risk-taker or may not have a fully developed sense of consequences, there should be some control over impulses.

Accident prone

Children are bound to get injured at some point.  However, if your child seems to have more accidents than “normal,” it may be indicative of difficulty with impulse control.  If a child does not have a sense of thought-process before an activity – including those that result in accidents – it may be wise to bring this point up with a doctor.

Difficulty sleeping

As a child ages, sleep schedules should become more regular. Though not necessarily an adult sleep schedule, children who do not seem to require much sleep at all may be exhibiting symptoms of ADHD. How much does your child actually sleep at night?  How is his or her energy level affected? Monitor your child and bring the results to your pediatrician.


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