Most of my friends are well aware of this plan. It’s why I’ve been hoarding pennies, working later hours, and skipping out on girls’ nights. Basically, I’m doing everything in my power to put the financial pieces together so that I can make that dream of a bigger family a reality for myself and my little girl.

But it was one of my closest friends who recently stopped me as I discussed this plan, and asked me a question I wasn’t quite expecting.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked gently. “Do you really think you can handle more?”

To be honest, it was a fair question. My little girl has some special needs. She has sensory processing disorder and some receptive speech delays — issues that have us in speech therapy and occupational therapy every week. And last June, she was also diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, a condition that requires me to give her a chemo shot once a week and lands us in the doctor’s office more than ever before.

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