Understanding Autism Causes?

What are the autism causes?  The evident conclusion is that nobody is able to determine what exactly the cause of autism is.  However, trying to understand possible causes may be able to help with treatment for the person with autism.

Current research will argue that autism causes are generally a combination of two factors. A genetic factor, which is transmitted through various DNA types,  as well as factors of an environmental nature.  This has not been scientifically proven of course, but new studies show that these two factors could be prime autism causes.

Classical autism is considered as being the most severe case of autism causes in children and adults.  These autism symptoms can be diagnosed by late language development and in some cases not being able to develop language skills at all.  People with this specific autism disorder will also experience not being able to converse with others and have a profound disregard for human emotion and in most situations will lack it completely.  Not being able to show affection or feeling of empathy is a major symptom of autism when wanting to diagnose the severity of autism.  Although autism symptoms mostly appear in the toddler stage of a child’s early development, one can also determine in various ways if a baby displays certain signs of autism.

Exploring the causes of autism can be quite a controversial subject because as already established there isn’t one specific cause of this disorder.  One theory is that vaccines may cause autism.  Specifically, the vaccine used to prevent measles as these vaccines could lead to problems in the intestine area which some argue could ultimately lead to autism.  This theory has of course not been proved.

The more likely theory is that autism could be a result of a genetic disorder.  Families, where autism is present, are more often prone to having children with autistic tendencies. Also, there is a risk that when there is an autistic child in your family, the chances of another child with autism symptoms being born is greatly increased.

There are also researches that believe that autism can develop in those with higher brain growth activity as persons with autism tend to have a larger brain and processing information is also very different to those not diagnosed with autism.  However, this is an ongoing research topic at various universities and the theory has not been fully proven to date.

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