Top 6 Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain

6. Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy is one of the most common self-management tools for arthritis pain recommended by massage and physical therapists, as well as chiropractors. Hot and cold therapy is a simple, effective and affordable way to address arthritis pain and inflammation as it arises or to keep symptoms at bay.

Hot therapy is the use of warmth to soothe sore muscles and joints. You can apply a hot water bottle or use a heating pad to warm up and loosen stiff joints. Another approach is to take a warm bath or hot shower first thing in the morning when arthritis symptoms are particularly active.

On the other hand, cold therapy addresses swelling and inflammation. Using a gel ice pack, apply the cold therapy to inflamed joints—but not directly to bare skin. The cold will also help numb the area and reduce the sensation of pain. Try both hot and cold therapies to find which one works best for you.

For either option, apply your compress multiple 2-3 times a day for up to 20 minutes per session. Whether using hot or cold therapy, be sure to avoid extremes — high heat can hurt your skin, and freezing cold can also be uncomfortable.

Ease Arthritis Pain With Solutions From Relax The Back

If you’re looking for ways to manage your arthritis pain, these six holistic therapies may help you achieve relief and improve your overall well-being. For additional support in managing your arthritis symptoms daily, try pain-relief and wellness solutions from Relax The Back:

  • Bed Wedges: Improve your rest and sleep quality with memory foam bed wedges for nighttime relaxation. Bed wedges create a personalized level of comfort, giving you adjustable control over your spinal position so you can relax more deeply. Position your bed wedge in an upright, lying down or zero gravity position and feel your tension melt away.
  • Handheld Massagers: Alleviate stiffness and improve your range of motion with handheld massagers and massage therapy tools. These portable massage devices allow you to administer self-massage to relieve pain from your back, neck, or hips. Bring your massager with you on the go to improve your travel comfort.
  • Zero Gravity Recliners: Relieve arthritis pain and find deep relaxation in a zero gravity recliner from Relax The Back. By supporting you in a neutral posture, zero gravity recliners alleviate pressure points along your spine and within your joints, helping to relieve stress from arthritis. Zero gravity recliners from Relax The Back have several features to choose from, including massage, heat and other personalized settings to meet your relaxation needs.

Shop Relax The Back online today to find the right arthritis pain-relief products for you. Or visit a local store and speak with one of your spinal health experts for a more personalized solution.

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