Top 10 Common Habits that Damage Your Kidneys

Here we are going to discuss common habits which are capable to destruct the kidney health.

1. Insufficient Water Intake

Drinking plenty of water helps the kidneys to eliminate sodium and toxins from the body. So, insufficient water intake can cause huge damage to your kidneys. When our body is deprived of enough water then blood in the body becomes concentrated, due to this blood flow to kidneys also gets reduced. Further, it hinders the kidneys’ ability to eliminate toxins from the body and more toxins in the body mean more health problems.

2. High Salt Consumption

High salt intake in the diet can cause great damage to kidneys as well as other organs also. Kidneys work is to metabolize about 95 percent of the sodium consumed through food. When salt is high in our meals then the kidney has to work harder to expel the excess salt. This, in turn, can reduce the kidney’s functioning. It leads to water retention in the body which can a cause rise in blood pressure and accelerate the risk of kidney disease.

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